Jade Meyer has been baking her whole life and has had a passion for food since her childhood days. Jade was self taught and developed a feel for food that cannot be learnt in a college kitchen. She learnt to breath life into ingredients instead of just combining them in a text book manner. The result is rich, warm, hearty cakes and food that simply melt in your mouth.

Jessica Meyer has been an artist her whole life and has become practiced in all mediums which include, oil painting, pastels and more recently cement scultpturing. Jessica realised she had a passion for cake decorating in the beginning of 2014 and quickly became involved in Jada's Cakes and Catering as the cake decorator and marketer. 

Pretoria East South Africa has a very rich food culture, combine that with a business orientated family, natural baking talent, superb fine art skills, a professional work ethic, a personal interest in our clients, a passion for food and you have a company that is very hard to beat.